Daniel Goebel

Daniel Goebel


Personally, my community is important to me and I like the diversity it offers. It’s not homogenized. It’s full of culture to meet those needs. Also, our society has adopted the ability to instantly connect and Inante provides that. What I like about our team, is each of us push the boundaries of our platform’s development, which helps small businesses utilize current consumer trends.

The small business market is often misunderstood. But the truth is, there’s nothing small about their impact on our economy. They are unique, and sometimes cut-off to key improvements large brands pursue. For me, Inante delivers this by offering a service that allows them to do business anywhere.


As a child, my best times were spent on the family farm and as an adult, I’m blessed to see my family be great friends. My aunts and uncles who own small businesses inspire me. Seeing their drive to understand their products, their customers, and the presence they hold in their community helped shape me.

I’m a geek and avid Star Wars fan. I even display their toys around my home. I love tinkering with new gadgets and I’m a huge dog lover. I turned my dog show hobby into a business. This allowed me the opportunity to compete with some amazing dogs, which I showed at venues like The Eukanuba, The Westminster, and other televised events. However, my admiration for technology stayed strong.

Shortly before leaving dog shows, I met James. He and I are both passionate about diversity and community. Soon after, I met Aaron and he’s far geekier and smarter than I could possibly be. His wife has some amazing Star Wars toys too. Together, Aaron, James, and I created Inante, a platform robust with features to connect small businesses with their customers.

James Crawford

James Crawford


I like how shopping is becoming just a few clicks on your smartphone. I’ve also seen small businesses struggle to offer this to their customers. Let’s face it, we are becoming a society of convenience and mobile devices. Almost every major chain has a mobile app. Because my family has supported the local community and I have always rooted for the underdog, I want to see these small businesses have the opportunities of a larger entity.

I have seen a lot of small businesses struggle and fail, sometimes because of insufficient capital or location and sometimes it is because they struggle to compete against large chains.  Because my family has support the local community, I have always rooted for the underdog. But a small business struggles to compete with the opportunities of a larger entity.  We are becoming a society of convenience and mobile devices.  Shopping now is just clicks on your smartphone.  Almost every major chain has a mobile app, however small independent shops typically don’t have the resources to develop and maintain their own mobile storefront plus run their business.  So why not create a technology company that can make an affordable mobile storefront for them to help them stay current with trends and be competitive.  A company that can take the burden of infrastructure, overhead, technical support, maintenance, etc.  A company that is specialized in the technology with the know how and resources to develop and maintain a reliable system.  To make this affordable by spreading the costs over a cooperative of stores and allow the independent shops to stay focused on what they do best.


I am the youngest of 4, born and raised in a small, blue collar town in western Pennsylvania.  I spent the majority of my childhood outdoors with my family, either fishing with my dad, family camping trips or exploring the woods by our house.  During my freshman year in high school, my father’s plant shutdown.  I saw the impact this had on my family and community. Eventually, my dad found a civilian job as an electrician at Beale Air Force Base, so we sold our property and moved to a small farming community in Northern California.  

This was a pivotal moment in my life.  California opened my eyes to a large diverse world with different cultures, foods, communities and ways of thinking.  I finished high school and college in California.  I have always enjoyed science and math, it just makes sense to me.  It is what drove me to my studies in college and the careers I had.  I have developed modeling in Excel, used JMP for statistical analysis of large data sets and SAP to managed multi-million dollar projects where I was responsible for financial forecasting, cash flow and managing a budget.

Several years back I met my great friend Daniel who had similar interests and worldviews, plus we are both huge TNG fans.  Along with our other business partner, Aaron, we formed Inante.  Inante to me is not just another technology company.  It is something the three of us built from the ground up, which is important and personal to me.  Customer focus and the ability to deliver useful products to independent businesses is key.  I like being able to use my skills to bring communities together and help the independent shop owners reach new potentials.

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